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Get ready for sales

Why can selling be so challenging? Why does a sale statistically occur only after the fifth contact with a prospect?

This is because buying is an emotional, irrational process and it takes years to master the art of selling. Moreover, in many cases, corporate communication consists of catchphrases that were not originally drafted as sales tools, but rather as general presentation of activities or products. In such cases, the seller lacks the fundamental tool to do his job properly. As a result, the sales process becomes difficult and unpredictable – one must feel fortunate when someone shows interest. Subsequently, there’s the need to spend a considerable amount of time explaining why buying your service or product is essential.

Create essential tools for sellers before entering a new market!

For you to achieve faster results in sales and avoid wasting precious resources, we created this two-day workshop that refines your sales communication.

These are the main topics:

First day (5 hours):
Your business ecosystem
Characteristics of the niche
Various product levels (functional, value, emotional, etc.)
Working with the functional level
Working with value level
Working on an emotional level
Product/service model
Limiting factors
In-depth analysis of your product/service
Micro and macro modeling
Second day (5 hours):
Reviewing the outcomes of the first day
Analyzing customer needs
Modeling communication by using various models to achieve results
Converting functionality into customer benefits
Refining of overall communication strategies for sales
The workshop program varies depending on the specifics of your product or service. It is recommended that at least one week should pass between the first and second day of sessions.


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