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It is said about the Germans that they are punctual, talented engineers, value quality and honor their commitments, not to mention their passion for football. Drawing from more than fifteen years of market experience, I can say that while times may change, the fundamental values on which German business traditions are based remain.

While the Lithuanian business tradition is relatively young compared to Germany, the country has already reached the European business levels and is far superior to the old continent in certain sectors. It is now time to offer the „Made in Lithuania” standard to those in Germany who value quality, customers, and partners.

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For over two decades, my life has been closely linked with this country, both culturally and in a business context. I completed high school in Bavaria, and pursued economics studies in central Germany. Following eight years in a leadership position, I further enriched my knowledge and experience through Executive MBA studies in Mannheim (2017–2019) and business master studies at ESSEC in Paris.

All my projects and works were and are intertwined with the German market. A multitude of interesting projects in both the public and private sectors have been successfully executed and implemented in this timeframe.

Lithuania boasts plenty of companies that manufacture unique products and provide unprecedented services. The goal of both myself and the Memel Consult team is to assist these companies in entering the German market and establishing themselves successfully.


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